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Hearst: labor's enemy no. 1
Illumination,Court of Four Seasons: at the Pan.-Pac. Int. Expo. San Francisco, 1915
Ballyhoo-Bar : Havana's best. Music every evening
Je maintiendrai | I will maintain
Door hinge: hinge from Bullocks Wilshire department store, Los Angeles, California
The British "Lancaster" Heavy Bomber
Design for a letter box: Brievenbus [Mailbox]
Free Holland Welcomes the Soldiers of the Allies
Buick, 1939 : [introduction to a beauty]
Paquebot "Liberté" menu du Mardi 8 Septembre 1953: Déjeuner = Luncheon
Building Aircraft: Assembling Parts from the Great War: Britain's Efforts and Ideals Series
Peace and goodwill to men: Christmas, 1937
Roma: die turistenklasse : Italia, Vereinigte Flotten, Genua
Tape dispenser
Bowl for the San Carlos Hotel, Pensacola, Florida
Collapsible drum
Head of a man with star (Mussolini?)
Garden Tulip 451