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Exercise machine
Antelope With Trees
Tile: abstract floral motif
Pagoda of Tennoji Temple at Yanaka, April 1936
Hauptmahlzeit: Schnelld. "Scharnhorts," Sonntag, den 21. November, 1937 = Dinner : Express S.S. "Scharnhorst," Sunday, November 21st, 1937
Grille, from the German pavilion at the Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques
Lou Walters' Latin Quarter
Star, for the "Colonnade of Stars," Court of the Universe building, 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco
The  NRA: "National Retrogression Act" : a "New Deal" for the workers, or the same old ordeal of exploitation and poverty?
J. Louis Engdahl: revolutionary working class leader
Altro Modello di Poltroncina Isolata [Other Model of Isolated Armchair]
La  Lettura: rivista mensile del "Corriere della sera."
De Kaiser Op 13 Feb 1917, Aan Onze Zijde is Het Recht en de Moraliteit, Om Deze Te Laten Triomfeeren Moet Elk Blank Wapen ons Welkom Zijn [The Emperor on 13 Feb 1917, On our side is the justice and the morality, to let this triumph any white weapon should be welcome to us]
The  Devil's devices, or, Control versus service | Control versus service
Evolution of Transportation
Palazzo del Littorio: progetto | Fascist palace: plan
Hello Central! Give me no man's land
The tower of the California Building from gardens, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal