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Elsa | Elsa
Hudson Bridge
Inno a Roma
La Nuova Europa Basta Con la Tirannia del Denaro [The New Europe Enough With Tyranny of Money]
Woman exercising
Entrance to "Isthmus" Amusement Street: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915
Het  menschenraadsel | The people's riddel
The  crow and the scarecrow
Bowl: fruit motif
Ladeneinrichtungen: schaukasten, vitrinen, korpusse, schaufenster : "Gletscher"
Bouwwerken in Het Nieuwe Duitschland [Architecture in the New Germany]
Army Firing Range in the Fields of Toyama [Okubo], June 1937
Plate: 1934 NSV, National Socialistischer Frauen Verein [National Socialist Women Association]
Bell's Buffalo Soap
Deutschland erwacht: Werden, Kampf und Sieg der NSDAP | Germany awakes: growth, struggle, and victory of the NSDAP
Bruxelles-Kermesse: Vue vers le grand portique
Somewhere in France is the Lily: march ballad