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Coffeepot: recessed and raised dot motif
Commemorative plate: Londen Melbourne Race, October 1934
Vigilancia en la retaguardia a cargo del gobierno y de su Junta Delegada
Federazione delle Casse di Risparmio dell'Emilia [Federation of the Savings and Loan Companies of Emilia]
Drei Jahre Arbeit an den Strassen Adolf Hitlers | Three years on Adolf Hitler's roads
La  Ametralladora: semanario de los soldados
Save Rubber: Check your Tires Now
A  Merry Christmas to you: S.S. Lurline : Breakfast, Tuesday, December 25, 1951
Bedspread: aircraft carrier and airplane motif
"1934 Waterfront Strike," one of twenty seven episodes in History of San Francisco, Rincon Annex, U.S. Post Office, San Francisco, California
Espresso Saucer
Anthropomorphized coil figure stepping on islands depicting Hirohito who represents Japan
Foiro 4-13 Majo 1929 [Fair 4-13 May 1929]
Tijdschrift voor boek en bibliotheekwezen | Periodical for books and library shows
Woodblock: covered dish
Peristyles-Palace of Fine Arts, Night Illumination, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, Cal., 1915
Light switch cover: rose motif