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Artistiek damast | Artistic damask | Catalogus van E.J.F. van Dissel en Zonen, Linenfabrikanten te Eindhoven : Levering, Rechtstreeks aan Particulieren
Desert Scene
Japan: Imperial Government Railways : traveler's handy guide, 1915
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915: Botanical Court looking towards Varied Industries Building
Burner: incense burner
Shop Early Travel Early Post Early
Design for boxes, no. 129 and no. 157
Going Ashore?
Untitled [Design for a plate]
Ontwerp voor een Theater: breedtedoorsnede over het achtertooneel [Design for a theater: latitudinal cross section of the back of theater]
Fork: K.P.M.
Mazzotti: Torido : Albisola
NRA member, U.S: we do our part : Virginia Shoe Company, manufacturers Chief-Tan and Tri-Tan Shoes
Lincoln Electric Fire
Cabin class staterooms on the Washington, Manhattan: world's fastest cabin liners
Souvenir goblet: 1939 California Wines
Tile: Der Letzte Walzer
Del Madrid rojo: últimos días de la cárcel modelo
Botanical Building: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915