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Design for entrance hall
Tato raccon Tato da Tato: [20 anni di futurismo]
Golf Course at Komazawa, September 1936
The  scenic resources of the Tennessee Valley: a descriptive and pictorial inventory
J'ai du bon tabac
Dining chair
Girl with Black Hat
Madre: tu hijo lucha por una causa humana y digna ¡Enorgullécete de él! | Mother: your son is fighting for a humane and dignified cause. Be proud of him!
Il  6 Motori su Monti-mare
Album de estatística gráphica dos caminhos de ferro do ultramar, 1903
West Buttress, Grand Coulee Dam Construction
Exhibition of oil paintings: W.P.A. Federal Art Project, Federal Art Gallery, Feb. 23-March 23, 7 East 38th Street
Karl Marx' 'Capital' in lithographs
Wisonsin State Building:  Pan.- Pac Int. Expo. San Francisco, 1915
Tutto per la Patria [All for the Fatherland]
Fabric sample [floral motif]
Hugo Stinnes Linien Hamburg ... Südamerika - Cuba - Mexiko - Ostasien [Hugo Stinnes Line Hamburg ... South America - Cuba - Mexico - East Asia]
Court in front of Botanical Building, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915