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Grupo de Cama y Mesas de Noche [Group of Bed and Night Tables]
Worry Bags No Game
German youth soldier with bomb
Serving knife
Firestone builds today:  the tire of tomorrow : New York World's Fair 1939
Ladle: flower and animal motif
Winter Sports. Farmingdale, Long Island
Decorative Maps of the Sixth Corps Area; Post Office, Chicago, Illinois
Plate: Romany Spartan
Platter design for New Year's Competition: Cosmos motif
Oriental dancer in coral-colored bloomers (reminiscent of Ballet-Russe)
Früher: Arbeitslosigkeit, Hoffnungslosigkeit, Verwahrlosung, Streik, Aussperrung. Heute: Arbeit, Freude, Zucht, Volkskammeradschaft. Darum deine Stimme dem Füher [Before: Unemployment, loss of hope, demoralisation, strikes and lock-outs. Today: Work, joy, culture, people's comradeship. Therefore give your vote to the Führer]
Advertising display, Mosque for the J.W. Smitt Tea and Coffee Company
The Red Boy (W. Dixon Low), Key of the Kingdom
Een nieuwe taak voor den Vliegenden Hollander Indie Bevrijden [A New Task for the Flying Dutchman Freeing the [Dutch East] Indies]
Headlight cover
Maledetto Katzelmacker: Eine wunderschöne Räubergeschichte
Carlos Molina and his orchestra in Cuban madness: a Universal featurette
Harald Engman: Billeder fra Besaettelsestiden : 50 malerier og tegninger | Harald Engman: Pictures from the times of occupation : 50 paintings and drawings | Forbudte maler