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Cup and saucer: recessed and raised dot motif
6. Bevolkings Aanwas [6. Population Growth]
I'm some laundress
Utensil: lemon press
Novissima Film Roma [Rome's Novissima Film]
Lesnictví = Forstwesen | Forestry
Davos: Skilauf [Skiing]
The Strange Couple
Que se nacionalicen y reorganicen nuestras industrias básicas, y en primer lugar las industrias de guerra. (Del Manifesto del C.C. del Partido Comunista.)
Hasta El Ultimo...Rincón Del Pais [To the Last…Corner of the Country]
Can you settle this dispute about drinks?: all nations agree: Bacardi
Fina Modas
Stemmen | Voices
New York and Cuba Mail S.S. Co., Ward Line. Stateroom baggage. First class
Bridgeport Symphony Orchestra
Juventud Considera el Servicio Militar Obligatorio Como un Honor [Youth Consider Compulsory Military Service as an Honor]