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Agraria: arch. Bongi | Agriculture: Bongi, architect
Garden bench: stylized foliage motif
Het  menschenraadsel | The people's riddel
Bij L.J. Veen te Amsterdam verschijnt de vijfde druk van Is. Querido: Levensgang | The fifth edition of Is. Querido's Levensgang will be available at L.J. Veen in Amsterdam
Fermin Salvochea
New York The State That Has Everything
Hawaii's decisive hour: Christmas dinner aboard S.S. Lurline, Wednesday, December 25, 1957
Self-portrait at Stone
Official pictures of A Century of Progress Exposition
Serving plate, Donatello Service
[ Ripstein Collection]
The  South Florida Fair and Gasparilla Carnival: Tampa, Florida, January 28th to February 8th, 1930
New England hurricane: a factual, pictorial record
Maria's heerlijkheid in Nederland: geschiedkundige schets van de vereering der H. Maagd in ons vaderland, van de eerste tijden tot op onze dagen | Maria's magnificence in the Netherlands: a historical sketch of the adoration of The Virgin in our fatherland, from the early days to the present days
Zooals Het Werk Er Uitziet, Als de Was Er Is Afgehaald [How the work looks, after the wax has been taken off]
Dinner plate
Tile: locomotive motif [from the lobby of the Chanin Building, New York City]
Homes forts, al front! | Strong men to the front lines!