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Design for a rug
Akëdysseril | Akëdysseril
Cup and saucer from the Moderntone Little Hostess Party Set
Rex : Amalfi ; Capri - I Faraglioni ; Napoli dal Parco Grifeo
Victoria Queen of Great Britain, The International Industrial Exhibition, London, 1851
Jamestown Exposition, 1907
Fascismo Futurismo [Fascism Futurism] from the the Vita di Marinetti [Life of Marinetti] service
The Daughters of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or The Suitors
Head of a man with star (Mussolini?)
From a cool colonnade, San Diego Panama-California Exposition: 1915, all the year, 1915
Uit de levensbeschouwing der modernen | From the life contemplations of the moderns
Quaderno [blank] | Notebook
Beer beaker, Peer [Pear] service
Vase: Monart, shape HG
Blank en Bruin, Indisch tooneelspel van rassenhaat [White and Brown, [East] Indian play of racial hatred]
Kodaked as I Grow
Fireplace surround for the Patrick King House, Chicago, Illinois
Dinner fork, Annecy flatware pattern
Liqueur glass, Peer [Pear] service