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OZET Lottery No. 3
In winter and in summer you can be sure of Shell
In France we'll make him dance
Dinner plate
Maquette for the Social Science Hall at A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago: S.O.S.
Nove anni di architettura vissuta, 1926 IV-1935 XIII
Designs for pamphlets for the 1939 World's Fair on San Francisco Bay
Exposition Internationale de la Houille Blanche et du Tourisme, Grenoble 1925 : 20 cartes détachables
Fröhliche Weihnachten: Mit dem Gross-Motorschiff "Monta Rosa" : Weihnachten nach den atlantischen Inseln : Kapitän Max Castan : I. Weihnachtstag, den 25. Dezember, 1935 : Vegetarische Speisenfolge
Betrekkingen voor vrouwen | Relationships for women
Pattuglia d'Acrobazia:  Prima Mostra Nazionale d'Arte Futurista, Roma
Homeward bound: words by Howard Johnson and Coleman Goetz ; music by Geo. Meyer
New architecture: an exhibition of the elements of modern architecture organized by the MARS (Modern Architectural Research) group, New Burlington Galleries, January 11-29, 1938
La Sagesse et la destinée | The wisdom and the destiny
Openbare Lagere School [Public Lower School]
Moonlight in Havana: a Universal Picture
Russian Exhibition The Grafton Galleries Bond Street April 30 to May 31 Russian Restaurant 1917