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Koninklijk Nederlandsch Genootschap Voor Geslacht-En Wapenkunde 1883 1933... Tentoonstelling... [Royal Netherlands Society for Lineage and Heraldry 1883 1933...Exhibition...]
Eroico esercito | Heroic army
Pigeons on Plaza de Panama, showing Sacramento Valley Building: Panama-California Building, San Diego, 1915
Luxury cruise to the romantic borderlands of the Mediterranean: Palestine, Egypt : S.S. Statendam : leaving New York February 9th, 1933
Gee! You're wonderful! A valentine for my sweetheart in the service!
Calendar page design: Juli [July]
Finial from the 29th floor of the Woolworth Building (Cass Gilbert, architect), New York
Spreckel's Pipe Organ, largest out-of-doors pipe organ in the world, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Technique of the silk screen process
Merman and Mermaid
Instrucción militar en la retaguardia | Military instruction in the rearguard
History of the home: reference : Museum Extension Project, Dist. 15, Works Progress Administration, Pennsylvania
Souvenir spoon from the Pan American Exposition, Buffalo
Portable iron
Menu, La Bodeguita del Medio, Habana, Cuba
Untitled [Pastoral Scene]
Quaderno di [blank] | Notebook of [blank]
Ink proof for a batik design
1943 is geen 1918 [1943 is Not 1918]
The " Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro" (National Leisure Hours Organization in Italy)