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Your Work Means Victory: Build Another One
Deutsche Lufthansa: Sommer-Flugplan, gültig vom 16. April bis 7. Oktober 1939
Darmstadt. Ein Dokument Deutscher Kunst. Die Ausstellung Der Künstlerkolonie. Mai-Okt. 1901 [Darmstadt. A Document of German Art. Exhibition of the Artists' Colony. May-Oct. 1901]
Cruet set frame
Calendar design for the sixtieth anniversary of NG & SF (Nederlandsche Gist en Spiritus Fabriek [Dutch Yeast and Spirituous Liquors Factory] ):1930- 1931 Januari
Condor Ferrania
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915: in the Botanical Building, a tropical Lagunita
Businessman with monocle and briefcase
Vinárna J. Victorina = Weinstube J. Victorin | J. Victorin's wine house
Serving knife
Kriegskunst in Wort und Bild: Zeitschrift für die deutsche Wehrmacht | Art of war in words and pictures: magazine for the German armed forces
Plate: water nymphs and sea creature
Hamamachi Park, February 1940
Auditorium: Cotton States & International Exposition
Quaderno di [blank]: Gennaio, 1926-IV : creazione dell'Opera Nazionale Balilla in ente morale | Notebook of [blank]: January 1926 IV [Fourth year of the Fascist revolution] : creation of the Opera Nazionale Balilla as a non-profit organization
Hear mother Mooney who has traveled across the continent to fight for the release of Tom Mooney and Scottsboro Boys: Coliseum, North Hall, 15th & Wabash, Friday, March 18, 8 P.M
Champagne coupe, Peer [Pear] service
Foire de Paris Mai 1928 [Paris Fair May 1928]
Reclining nude female with wheat, pots and sickle
Roma [Rome]