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[Child in aristocratic attire serenading a girl in the window of a Venetian house from his gondola]
Polyorama Panoptique: Le Palais de Cristal, Londres 1851
If I'm not at the roll call, kiss mother good-bye for me
Water fowl
Die Deutsche Demokratische Partei ist die Partei der Frauen! [The German Democratic Party Is the Party for Women!]
Orchard Street
Commemorative plate from the Coronation of His Majesty King Edward VIII
Box for Swivodex inkwell
Teapot, model no. 13944, Hallesche Form, 1929, with decoration Goldringe
Polyorama Panoptique: La Place Vendòme (Paris)
The Botanical Gardens showing Botanical Building on the left and Foreign and Domestic Industries on the right: Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Design for stained glass window: multi-paned, arched with floral motifs, two female faces
Barend Wels | Baron Wels
Ultra-modern air-conditioned streamlined train .. the New Haven's "Comet" | Comet
Mostra ferroviaria: arch. Bongi | Railway extension: Bongi, architect
Study I for Whence & Whither?
Deutscher Jäger [German Hunter]
Cigarette box