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N.V. Nederlandsche Aanneming Maatschappij v/h Fa. H.F. Boersma, hoofdkaantoor 's-Gravenhage
Westminster Abbey, London (England)
Pérez Farrás: jefe de artillería y valiente revolucionario que actua con sus tropas en el frente de Aragón | Perez Farrás: brave revolutionary and artillery commander who fought with his troops on the Aragón front
Bowl, Philips Eindhoven
Official catalogue of the exhibition of the German Empire
Figurine: British foot soldier
Atlantik Wal: 1943 is geen 1918 [Atlantic Wall: 1943 Is Not 1918]
Homes forts, al front! | Strong men to the front lines!
Nederlandsche Spoorwegen 1934 [Dutch Railways 1934]
Exposition Universelle Internationale 1900 [Universal International Exposition 1900]
De X Jaarbeurs Utrecht [The X Industrial Fair Utrecht]
Beer beaker, Peer [Pear] service
S.S. Lurline: breakfast, Friday, January 4, 1952
Chandelier: Grapevine Motif-Panel
Wineglass: Embassy 4900 Line
Chrysoprasos, No. 12
Spirit of Democracy, For the Hall of Legislation, US Government Building, 1939 NY World's Fair (unrealized)
Arcady: a national playground where the leaders of contemporary life may sustain their capacity for work by bringing to its utmost the art of rest and recreation
Knife rest: geometric motif
Commerce and Industry Building, San Diego Panama-California Exposition