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Relief: man and woman in a kiss
Non sciupate il pane: Italiani, rispettate il pane!
Washington State Building, California tower in background
Perspective Look South on Park Avenue, Waldorf-Astoria, Hotel, New York
We did it before, and we can do it again
Nebraska folklore pamphlets: reproduced from material gathered for a book on the folklore of the state | Historical legends
The  illustrated London news
Vase: Futura #385
Prima Adunata Professionisti e Artisti [First Assembly of Professionals and Artists]
Light switch cover: rose motif
Budd analysis of changes in transportation: volume two, the Florida story
Dinner plate
Vittorio Emmanuel
Edward VIII
Etude Golden Arrow II [Study Golden Arrow II]
Espresso saucer
NV Ned. Vliegtuigenfabriek [NV Ned. Aircraft factory]
Hearst: labor's enemy no. 1
U.S.Governmant Building: Cotton States & International Exposition
NVD de Nederlansche Volksdienst [NVD the Dutch Social Services]