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De Amici [Friends]
You Are Wanted Too! Join the A.T.S
Louisiana: a guide to the state
Americans will Always Fight for Liberty
Laboratory of a chemical production facility
Torre Littoria: progetti, Milano, anno XIII E.F | Fascist tower: plans, Milan, year thirteen of the Fascist revolution
Toppling the Swastika
The  magic shoes
Urn: peach and foliate motif
Si scopron le tombe!
Edward VIII
Cigarette box
Wineglass: Embassy 4900 Line
Pattuglia d'Acrobazia:  Prima Mostra Nazionale d'Arte Futurista, Roma
West Side, New York
The Anglican Cathedral, Cairo
Deutsche Gymnastik: Lehrweise Medau
Ezekiel travels
Descrizione della Linea [Description of the Line]