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Espresso machine: La San Marco 900
May Sports Season at Meiji Shrine Outer Gardens, May 1932
Industrial Scene
Gesundheit ist des Menschen höchstes Gut! | Health is humans' highest priority
Kurhaus und Grand Hõtel des Bains: Bad St. Moritz, Oberengadin, Schweiz
Bürgenstock, Schweiz
Laboratory of a chemical production facility
Augustinus Belydenissen: uit het Latyn vertaald door Mr. Frans Erens | Augustinus' Confessions: translated from the Latin by Frans Erens
Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung 1938 [Great German Art Exhibition]
Design for the Interior of the New Street Cinema, Birmingham
Cafe International: View of Main Cafe-Restaurant, Self Service Counter
Reaping, the old way
Ship's officers port menu: meal hours, breakfast 7:30-8:30, lunch 11:30-12:30, dinner 4:30-5:30, Friday, January 4, 1952 : Luncheon
August 27, 1927
Plaque: Queen Mary
Orchards in all seasons
Quaderno di __________: prima premiazione, Ottobre 1925-III : prima battaglia del grano
Leather Worker