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Design for a vase decoration [crab motif]
San Francisco Bay Exposition, Yerba Buena Island: Sculptural Models for Pavilions of the Central Court (Court of Honor)
[Milan Exposition buildings]
Wineglass: Embassy 4900 Line
Tante Loesje | Aunt Loesje
Movable masks and figures of the North Pacific coast Indians
Espresso Saucer
R.M.S. Queen Mary luncheon menu [for] Sunday, June 7, 1936
Madman's drum: a novel in woodcuts
Souvenir spoon from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, Century 21 Exposition
Unknown child in costume
Nederlandsche Vereeniging Tot Bescherming van Dieren [Dutch Organization for the Protection of Animals]
Centerpiece [border tray with tassel motif]
Plate: water nymphs
Cuba: land of fiesta and siesta
Geometric, floral and monogram designs