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Cigarette box
Calendar page design: Zingende Nachtegaal, Juli 1931 [Singing Nightingale, July 1931]
Middenstands en Gas Tentoonstelling Jaarbeurs Gebouw [Tradespeople and Gas Exhibition/ 7-12 April in the Industries Fair Building]
Modern Town House, San Francisco
Autobahnbrücke Teufelstal [Teufelstal Autobahn Bridge]
[Sketches from the De Veeze Collection]
The  British Empire panels designed for the House of Lords by Frank Brangwyn
Souvenir fan from the Universal Exposition, Paris
Cup with lid
Merc edes Benz Model 500 supercharged
R.M.S. "Queen Mary": "a noble tribute to the imagination of man."
Design drawing for decoration of a Jardiniere [Oriental motif]
Metamorfoze | Metamorphosis
ILA Internationale Luftfahrt-Ausstellung Berlin 1928 7. Bis 28. Oktober [ILA International Aviation Exhibition Berlin 1928 7 until 28 October]
An  elegy on the death of a mad dog | Mad dog of Potsdam / adapted by Frederic Norton ; Lewis Baumer after R. Caldecott
Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans
Nude males
Henri Philippe Pétain