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Illumniation of Machinery Palace: at the Pan.-Pac. Int. Expo. San Francisco 1915
Jenny the jeep
Camperol!: La collita es la reraguarda dels que lluiten
Tape measure from the Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938
Sección femenina de Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las J.O.N.S
Study of Medics Tending to Wounded Soldier on Battle field while fighting continues
Window grille from the Norris Theater, Norristown, Pennsylvania
Man saluting officer
Piazza di S. Pietro e Basilica Vaticana, Roma
Champagne glass from Seafood Salad Service
Instituto Nacional de Prevision (Institut National de Prevoyance): Assurance Vieillesse, 4 | National Institute of Forecasting: old age insurance, 4
Design for decoration for ceramics: floral motif
Registration Desk, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York
Perspective rendering of a block of buildings
Steeds Dezelfde Vijand! 1673-1943 Strijdt met ons mede! [Still the Same Enemy! 1673-1943. Fight with Us!]
Hanging lamp
Chandelier: Grapevine Motif-Panel
Champagne glass, bacchanalia