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Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915: entrance to Botanical Building
Calendar page design for January, February 1932: falcon and two birds
Figurine: Wheat thresher
Fiat 500: la vetturetta del lavoro e del risparmio | Fiat 500: the car for work and for economizing
The  new Spanish inquisition
Two Men in a Landscape
Habana Perfectos : National Commission for Propaganda and Defense of Havana Tobacco
Steel: a modern essential
L' Architettura Futurista: Manifesto
Das  Leben eines U-Bootmanns: Das Marine-Ehrenmal in Laboe bei Kiel zur Erinnerung an die Opfer der U-Bootwaffe, 1914-18
Home Economy Building, Botanical Building in distance, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Vanity mirror
Calendar page design: Bunsing Bespringt Blauwmeesje, December 1931 [Polecat Pounces on Blue Titmouse, December 1931]
Tile for stove: courtly couple
Grabad en vuestro pecho esta consigna: atacar es vencer | Inscribe on your chest this slogan : to attack is to win
I like America | I like America: a native sees his country as it is, and as it might be
Quaderno di [blank] | Notebook of [blank]
Perspective rendering of building
Mercedes-Benz, typ 170-V: Bitte nehmen Sie Platz zur Probefahrt!
Goddess of Plenty