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Non sciupate il pane: Italiani, rispettate il pane!
Plate: putti holding cornucopia of toys
S.S. Lurline: luncheon, Sunday, December 30, 1951
The  modern light aeroplane
Siembra labrador!: en el trigo, está nuestra victoria | Sow laborer! : our victory lies in the wheat
Libros y periódicos al frente | Books and newspapers to the front
Voyages touristiques dans l'Amérique du Sud
The  mild southern route to Europe
Fuhrer Des Nationalen Deutschen Einheitsstaates [The Leader of the National German Centralized State]
Mural Study for Polytechnical High School, Long Beach, CA
Zippo Rule: Henry Keck, Inc., Stained Glass Studios, Syracuse, N.Y.
Kaly Il Lucido Dei Lords [Kaly The Polish of the Lords]
Algemeene Koloniale Tentoonstelling te Semarang: Augustus - November 1914 | General Colonial Exhibition in Semarang: August - November 1914 | Koloniale Tentoonstelling, Semanrang, Java, 1914 = Colonial exhibition, 1914, Semarang, Java
Opvoeding van gevangenen | Upbringing of prisoners
Tourist class in Orient liners: Orion, Orontes, Orford, Ormonde, Oronsay, Otranto, Orama
A  corner of the Forestry Building, Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, Wash., 1909: official post card
Burgundy glass, Peer [Pear] service
Cuba libre. Ally in war--ally in trade
Album rack, war motif
Agenda PLM | Agenda Paris Lyon Méditerranée