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Secretary, for the "Officer's Ideal Quarters," Earl's Court Military Exhibition, London
The  Denison guide
Heroes All
Box: EHS
Sugar bowl: NASM
Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris [International Exposition of Decorative Arts and Modern Industry]
Album de Lucho Gatica : supplemento de Maracas
Anthropomorphic winged peace symbol depicting Hitler and Hirohito
I'll bring you back some souvenirs
Plate [floral motif]
Little Havana girl
Le  Juif et la France | Exposition, Le Juif et la France, au Palais Berlitz | Le Juif et la France, exposition au Palais Berlitz
Proposed New Offices For Messrs The Burmah Shell Oil Company of India, Ltd.
And I thought I knew something about business
Hamamachi Park in the Spring Snow, July 1931
Botanical Building: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Water fowl
Settimana del Balilla 5-10 Dicembre XIV Genova [Balilla Youth Movement Week, December 5-10, 1936 Genoa]
The  modern light aeroplane
Esposizione di Milano, 1906