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Teapot: airplane
Schetsen uit de Middeleeuwen | Sketches from the Middle Ages
Zdenek Pesanek, Ateliery Svetla
Vase [cabbage leaf form]
True blue
Tile: geometric motif
Hans von Schempp
Sailor Beware! Loose Talk Can Cost Lives
This is Nazi Brutality
United Kingdom and Norway for Bergen, Trondhjem, Oslo (Kristiania), Stockholm, Helsingfors
Poster design for "In die neue Zeit mit dem ..." ["In the new era with the..."]
5e Ned. Ind. Jaarbeurs en -markt 21 Juni 6 Juli [5th Annual Dutch East Indies Industrial Fair and market 21 June 6 July]
Entrance to Botanical Building, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915
Modern American painting
Boston and all New England year round daily service: Fall River Line, Providence Line, New London Line, New Bedford Line
Design for a medallion
Bedspread: aircraft carrier and airplane motif
La Superbia....Militarizzata [Pride ... Militarism]
Design for Rumpelmayer Candy box