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Centerpiece: galleon-shape
Plaque: Antonio de Oliviera Salazar
L' Illustration congolaise | Guide officiel de la section du Congo Belge de l'Exposition internationale, Bruxelles, 1935 = Officielle gids der afdeeling van Belgisch Congo op de International tentoonstelling, Brussel, 1935
Nebraska folklore pamphlets: reproduced from material gathered from a book on the folklore of the state | Ballads
Il  sale | Salt | Il quaderno popolare
The  Kingdom of smoke: sketches of my people
Elevation and second floor plans of house
Macbeth: Act Two
Bedpost finial
Hair dryer
Mechanical Progress (unrealized)
Juden stellen sich vor
Graf Zeppelin
Inkwell: twisted triangle
L' Exposition de Paris
Asakusa Tori-no-Ichi Festival [Otori Shrine], October 1940
Bust of Erhard Weyhe