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Pilots, workers, machines
Manhattan Prometheus
Tabacco [Tobacco]
Uitgegeven door De Verzamelcommissie 8 [Published by the Collection Committee 8]
[Proofs for Vereeniging Wie Denkt Overwint: Openbare Voordracht] | [Proofs for the Society Wie Denkt Overwint: Public lecture
Exposition Internationale de l'Affiche [International Poster Exhibition]
Inkstand: inkwell with geometric motif
Een  dierenkolonie in een groote stad | An animal colony in a big city
R.M.S. "Queen Mary": "a noble tribute to the imagination of man."
Soup spoon, Deauville flatware pattern
Frontón "Jai-Alai," : the national spanish ball game ; the largest and only official 220 feet fronton in Cuba. Concordia corner of Lucena street, Havana, Cuba
Sans Souci, Havana
Fabrica de tabacos de H. Upmann, Habana
Vue Générale, prise du Restaurant du Beau Site
Menu, La Bodeguita del Medio, Habana, Cuba
Zarte Gewebe = Tissus délicats
Horticultural Building