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Cuba hotel rates : winter season, 1956-57, from December 15th 1956 to March 31st 1957
How the derrick works
Bridgeport Symphony Orchestra
Facts about fallout
Souvenir tray from the New York World's Fair, 1939
Het  vlechtwerk in den Indischen Archipel | The basket work of the Indonesian Archipelago
Schetsen uit de Middeleeuwen | Sketches from the Middle Ages
Design for an armchair and foot rest
Book cover
Quaderno di __________: prima premiazione, Ottobre 1925-III : prima battaglia del grano
The  great god waste
Toppling the Swastika
Standard Fruit and Steamship Company
Soup bowl from the 20th Century Fox Café de Paris
Salad plate from the 20th Century Fox Café de Paris
Builders of a Great Nation