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Christmas Menu: U.S.S. Oklahoma, 1940
Portrait of Gustav Eiffel
Altro Modello di Poltroncina Isolata [Other Model of Isolated Armchair]
Dinner plate
Strengthen good neighbor policy- Understanding our Southern Neighbors
Is het Bolschewisme een gevaar? Een Hoogst Interesante Rijdende Tentoonstelling [Is Bolshevism a Danger? A Very Interesting Traveling Exhibition]
Circuito Del Lago Di Garda [Circut of Lake Garda]
Official seal of the Jamestown Exposition, 1907
Pigeons on porch of Sacramento Valley Building: Panama-California, San Diego, 1915
Commemorative plate: Londen Melbourne Race, October 1934
Mit dem Gross-Motorschiff "Monta Rosa" : Weihnachten nach den atlantischen Inseln : Kapitän Max Castan : Dienstag, den 31. Dezember, 1935 (Sylvester) : Vegetarische Speisenfolge
All-story love stories
Women in the War-We Can't Win Without Them
Equality, land, and freedom: a program for Negro liberation (draft submitted by the National Council of the League of Struggle for Negro Rights.)
No jobs today: a story of a young worker in pictures
Middenstands en Gas Tentoonstelling Jaarbeurs Gebouw [Tradespeople and Gas Exhibition/ 7-12 April in the Industries Fair Building]
Jugend um Hitler