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Botanical Building: Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego
Zegepraal | Triumphal Arch
Purse: skyscraper motif
Soldier throwing grenade
Study for Cycle of a Woman's Life for the Women's House of Detention, Manhattan
Escola nova, poble lliure | A new school, a free people
Salle a Manger [Dining Room]
Salad plate from the 20th Century Fox Café de Paris
Oscillating chair, Ordway Spring, model no. 392 O
Gondar-J. Castelli
De  dichtwerken van W.J. van Zeggelen | The poetry of W.J. van Zeggelen
Commemorative plate from the Great Exhibition of All Nations, London: the Crystal Palace
Calendar page design: October
Tile sample kit
Heckers' perfect baking powder
Giovinezza!: inno trionfale del Partito Nazionale Fascista
Municipal Hall and Kangyo Bank, October 1932
Florida: a guide to the southernmost state
Genua Barcelona [Genoa Barcelona]