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Scene of Rio
Man asleep in astronomy lab
Your New England
Arbeitsmänner des Führers
The  perfect duet: greetings from Cuba, Isle of Bacardi, rum 89 proof
Figura [Figure]
Der  Eisenbahner
Dining chair
Nelson Line's Five New Highlanders
Barometer from the Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen
Former Execution Ground at Suzugamori, October 1935
Hotels in Japan
Modern bookbindings and their designers
Teaspoon from the New York World's Fair, 1939
Padiglione della Spagna (Arch. Laredo) : Roma, Esposizione Internazionale di Belle Arte : vigna cartoni | Spanish pavilion (Arch. Laredo) : Rome, International Exhibtion of Fine Arts : vigna cartoni
Kiyosumi Garden in Fukagawa, May 1937
Souvenir spoon from Saint Louis World's Fair
Natale 1954 Anno 1955 Augura a Bruno Alberto Quintavalle [Christmas 1954 New Years 1955 Greetings to Bruno Alberto Quintavalle]
I like America | I like America: a native sees his country as it is, and as it might be