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How the wren almost became king
Gouda-Stearine Candle Compy. Limd.
L'Art Italien XIX-XX siecles [Italian Art of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries]
Secession April-Mai 9-6
Our elbows don't get a chance to get rusty
Bitter glass, Peer [Pear] service
Elevation of a building
Crociera Aerea del Decennale 1933-XI [Decennial of Long-Distance Flight 1933-XI]
Americans will Always Fight for Liberty
Einfamilienhaus, 4 Zimmer, Evt. 5 Zim., Küchebad, Waschküche, Zentralheizung
Study of Chaplain Leading Two Soldiers in Prayer in Church Ruins
Opera balilla: XIV
Imoncho no Tsukurikata / Yukio Sugiura [and] Fukujiro Yokoi | How to make "a consolation gift" for soldiers
Tile: automobile motif [from the lobby of the Chanin Building, New York City]
A résumé of the famous luxurious East Coast hotels which are located at St. Augustine, Palm Beach, Ormond, Miami and Nassau Bahamas : profusely illustrated from special camera pictures and therefore are entirely accurate and represent the localities as
Hotel Bristol ; Amistad y San Rafael ; Habana Cuba : correo aero - air mail
Kathleen Curry
Europa Centrale: Roma, Venezia, Monaco, Berlino, Venezia