Art Nouveau

Collection Description

Art Nouveau, which flourished in many countries around the turn of the twentieth century, was a decorative style emphasizing curvilinear forms inspired by nature, especially plant-life. The Wolfsonian’s collection is especially strong in the Dutch and Italian variants of this style, known respectively as Nieuwe Kunst and Stile Floreale. Among the highlights are entire period rooms designed by Theodoor Nieuwenhuis and Agostino Lauro, as well as a large collection of Dutch Nieuwe Kunst bookbindings.

Marina: ingg. Bianchi, Magnani e Rondoni : Esposizione di Milano, 1906 | Marina: Bianchi, Magnani, and Rondoni, engineers : Milan exposition, 1906
Tile: abstracted tulip and geometric motif
Het wederzijdsche lokken der beide geslachten in de liefde / door Wilhelm Bölsche ; bewerekt door Dr. B.C. Goudsmit | The mutual allure of both sexes in the affairs of love
Design for decoration for ceramics: "Lof" ["Praise"]
Arte decorativa: arch. Locati | Decorative art: Locati, architect
Betrekkingen voor vrouwen | Relationships for women
Napkin: Lente pattern [Spring Pattern]
Het  beloofde land | The promised land
Dining chair
Design drawing for a vase decoration [floral motif and leaf]
The  Chicago Sunday Tribune: New Years No. December 30, 1894
De  batik-techniek | The batik technique: [bulletin of the Colonial Museum in Haarlem]
Design for tiles to use in wall decoration, floral motifs
Tante Loesje | Aunt Loesje