Die Tiefe des Meeres [The Depths of the Ocean]

Die Tiefe des Meeres [The Depths of the Ocean]
  • Title :     Die Tiefe des Meeres [The Depths of the Ocean]
  • Artist:     Karl Klaus Designer Ernst Wahliss Maker
  • Accession:     TD1993.148.1 a,b
  • Country:     Germany Turn-Teplitz and Vienna
  • Date:     1911 1912
  • Dimensions:     Inches 32-1/2 8-5/8 diameter Dimensions, overall Inches 28-1/8 8-5/8 diameter Dimensions, urn (a) Inches 5-3/8 8-1/4 diameter Dimensions, lid (b), Centimeters 82.6 21.9 diameter Dimensions, overall Centimeters 71.4 21.9 diameter Dimensions, urn (a) Centimeters 13.7 21.0 diameter Dimensions, lid (b)
  • Collection:     Object
  • Category:     Decorative Arts and Furniture
  • Collection Theme:     Modernism
  • Subject:     Animals , Ceramics/Ceramic Design
  • Credit Line:     The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection
  • URL:     TD1993.148.1 A,B.JPG
  • Tags:     Decorative Arts and Furniture~Modernism
Serpentine-shaped gloss glazed earthenware urn entitled "Die Tiefe des Meeres"; depicts sea-life and undersea foliation delineated within hand-painted silver-leaf border; dark blue and green background. a: urn, b: lid