Foire de Paris Mai 1928 [Paris Fair May 1928]

Foire de Paris Mai 1928 [Paris Fair May 1928]
  • Title :     Foire de Paris Mai 1928 [Paris Fair May 1928]
  • Artist:     Tautz Artist
  • Accession:     85.5.56
  • Country:     France
  • Date:     1927
  • Dimensions:     Inches 47-1/8 31-1/2, Centimeters 119.7 80.0
  • Collection:     Object
  • Category:     Prints, Drawings, and Photographs
  • Collection Theme:     World's Fairs and Expositions
  • Subject:     World's Fairs and Expositions , Exhibition/Events , Graphic Design
  • Credit Line:     The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection
  • URL:     85.5.56.JPG
  • Tags:     World's Fairs and Expositions~Prints, Drawings, and Photographs
Gouache, graphite on paper design drawing depicting a golden circular disk with an image of a global projection of a world map oriented to Europe; the gold disk is superimposed on the Eiffel tower wrapped in a blue and red striped ribbon, which has its end pointing to France set against an grey silhouette of a ship sailing the ocean.