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3e Round [Third Round]
Plaque: A Legjobb Karlsbadi Porcellán
Napkin, no. 505, Vlinder [Butterfly]
Sacco-Vanzetti and the red peril
Solidaridad Internacional Antifascista
There is no Czech culture in Upper Hungary
S.D.A.P. N.V.V. Plan Sept. 6
Design for stained glass window: pink and green motif
Antipasto service: stylized animals motif
The  architecture and the gardens of the San Diego Exposition: a pictorial survey of the aesthetic features of the Panama California international exposition
How the Soviet Union helps Spain
Foreign and Domestic Arts Building: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Candleholder with deflector
Poster design for "In die neue Zeit mit dem ..." ["In the new era with the ..."]
O Roma o morte! [Rome or Death!]
Design for decoration for ceramics: flowers
Untitled [Uniformed Woman Powdering Nose]
Tango dancers