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Pieces of Silver
Palazzo Littorio Trieste Cortile Commemorativo [Littorio Trieste Building Commemorative Courtyard]
Washington State Building, California tower in background
Rex: Conte di Savoia
Jaarbeurs Utrecht 1925 [Industrial Fair Utrecht 1925]
Hotel Plaza, Calle Zulueta. = Plaza Hotel, Zulueta Ave. Habana
Prinsessen van Oranje en hare dochters in Frankrijk | Princesses of Orange and their daughters in France
Beeldhouwwerk en gebeeldhouwde meubels, Batiks | Sculpture and sculptured furniture, Batiks
Help! Wildlife Plant Trees, Shrubs and Vines
Argeo Villa
Hotel Graf Moltke, Hamburg
Dinner plate from the Royal Palm Hotel
Duty Calls
Pleasure Saving Time ; Havana, smartest city in America
The Botanical Garden in May, May 1934
Cartoon vehicles leading anthropomorphous fife and drum corps
8. Kriegsanleihe [The 8th War Loan]
Plate: abstract design