Search Collection Highlights Fight for Freedom from Want
Reichsausstellung Schaffendes Volk, Düsseldorf: (Mai-Oktober) 1937 | National exhibition Creative People, Düsseldorf: (May-October) 1937
Egg cup with saucer
The half-way point on highway 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Paso Robles Inn. Paso Robles Calif
Centerpiece [border tray with tassel motif]
Harvesting on the prairie
Nebraska folklore pamphlets: reproduced from material gathered for a book on the folklore of the state | Place name stories
Hrabě Jaromír Černín z Chudenic = Graf Jaromir Černin von Chudenic | Count Jaromir Černin of Chudenic
Milicianos: Una vez más, la ignorancia, la mala fe y la brutalidad de vuestros ineptos Jefes os ha llevado a estrellaros contra nuestras posiciones
Hungarian-Italian Friendship [study for mosaic for the Hungarian Pavillion at the Hungarian-Italian Exposition, Rome]
Fireplace surround: sunburst motif
Electricity: a modern power
Cliff Quay Station, Ipswich
Farmer Boy
Senju Town with Storage Tanks, June 1929
Memorial Hall for the Great Earthquake, September 1932
Doppelschrauben-Turbinenschnelldampfer Columbus
Knížecí Hanauské železárny v Komárově = Fürst Hanau'sche Eisenwerke Komarau | Principality of Hanau's ironworks in Komarov
Light Consumes Coal
Treballa per als que lluiten! | Work for those that fight!