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New York streets and Brentwood Road
Iskusstvo v bytu: 36 tablits : Igrushka, Odezhda. Izba chital'nia, klub, teatr | Art in everyday life: 36 plates : toys, clothes. Reading hut, club, theater
Nebraska folklore pamphlets: reproduced from material gathered for a book on the folklore of the state | Children's singing games
Havana, Nassau, Mexico & points in interior Cuba
Tapis et tissus | Carpet and fabrics
Der Künstliche Mensch: zehn Blätter der Anklage | The artificial man: ten sheets of the indictment
Pavillon de La Réunion for the 1931 Paris Exposition Coloniale Internationale
Design for stained glass: stylized insect motif
Dining chair
Wiskemann's Stores
Kwik and Kwak
Barracks No. 3, CCC Camp, Bethel, Vt
Dye Factory at Waseda, November 1930
Vase: stylized leaf design
Fabric sample [floral motif]
I'm Counting on You!
Perspective rendering of building
When I send you a picture of Berlin, you'll know it's over, "Over there," I'm coming home
Nothing takes the place of Bacardi: famed for over 80 years...all over the globe