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Esposizione Internazionale, Torino: Aprile-Novembre 1911 : Padiglione Ungherese : architetti, progettori, Prof. E. Töry & M. Pogány | International exposition, Turin: April-November 1911 : Hungarian pavilion : architect, designer, Prof. E. Töry & M. P
Table lamp
We Must Not Forget
Wiskemann's Stores
Design for a letter box: Brievenbus [Mailbox]
Salvador Segui
Elevation and second floor plans of house
Antes de refrescar, piense y tomará Orange Crush, porque es el más saludable
Untitled [Spirit of Progress, Skyscrapers & Liner]
The Fighting Filipinos
Creamer: Guinea Fowl
Akëdysseril | Akëdysseril
Lamp (Kneeling female and flower motif)
Pendant: Victory Monument
Opstellen | Drafts
Nachmittags-tee: Dampfer "Bremen" Donnerstag, den 18. August 1938 = Afternoon tea : S.S. "Bremen" Thursday, August 18th, 1938
Digital clock: Zephyr