Current Exhibitions

October 12 2017 - April 01 2018
Selling the Golden Leaf reveals how early twentieth-century tobacco companies pitched their products through association with tropical landscapes, colonial adventures, and...   [  MORE   ]
October 06 2017 - April 29 2018
Recognized as one of the leading graphic artists of the modern age, Austrian designer Julius Klinger (1876–1942) transformed commercial visual culture through his innovative...   [  MORE   ]
October 06 2017 - April 01 2018
Graphic design helps establish a visual identity—a brand—for a client.   [  MORE   ]
Inaugurated in November 1995, this ongoing exhibition is periodically updated with works from The Wolfsonian collection.   [  MORE   ]
During the 1930s, American artists covered the walls of public buildings all across the country with murals meant to display the nation’s history and ideals.   [  MORE   ]
Ceramics can be held in our hands, decorate our homes, or be incorporated into the built environment around us.   [  MORE   ]