Zines for Progress

Can zines change the world?

Zines for Progress, a pilot education initiative funded in part by Wells Fargo, has just finished its first year! Running September to May, the program is available for language arts, history, and visual arts classes for grades 6–12 in Miami-Dade County. Engaging students in critical thinking and social activism while bolstering art making and writing skills, Zines for Progress challenges teens to:

  • Examine relevant contemporary issues facing their communities;
  • Explore a history of social activism represented in The Wolfsonian’s collection, both online and through class tours of our museum and library;
  • Create their own zines in an artist-led workshop at The Wolfsonian; and,
  • Share finished zines with their schools, families, and communities via The Wolfsonian’s digital archive.

To view the accomplishments of student participants and for inspiration on making positive changes in your community, visit zines.wolfsonian.org.